We install screens for places of worship. Here are a few examples;

Single Screen
A single large screen networked in to your computer to allow remote updating of messaging and content. Wall-mounted or on a stand.

Video wall
A video wall consisting of a number of screens show a larger image or different messages on different screens.

Freestanding digital poster
Ideal as they can be moved around from location to location. Typically they are 50 inch screens portrait screens, in a tough metal case. They can come with a touch screen option too.

As part of our preparation for the Marketing Show North at Digital City Expo next month (March 11th & 12th at Manchester Central) we hit the streets and skies to film Manchester at its best. Our digital media unit often go on location to film same day edits and corporate videos but this time it was Manchester and just for us. You’ll be able to see this footage if you attend The Marketing Show North at Digital City Expo, and watch out for one of our LED screens which will be on display at the venue. Our stand is number 312.